Take a few moments and share your words of support to the family of Cameron Batson. We love hearing Cameron stories.


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Words can not explain how I felt when I learned of what had happened to Cameron a few months ago. I had the pleasure of knowing him when he was a young kid and I always had a feeling that he was going to be an exceptional human being! My prayers go out to Cameron’s family. May God be with you during this tough time.

Mike Brown

I am honored that we were blessed with having such an extraordinary young man in our family. I always had a very unique bond with Cameron from the day he was born. I was only a teenager when i took on the role of Uncle Brad so i was a young uncle almost as if i had just gotten a younger brother. I remember taking him as a toddler and buying him has first Atlanta Braves hat and many other sports memorabilia to follow including KY Wildcats as well as his Chris Henry Jersey I got him for the last super bowl party we celebrated together. I remember all the great vacations to Florida and Gatlinburg we had taken. The best one being the last family vacation we took to Gatlinburg in the log cabin and watching the Great Outdoors movie. I used to enjoy watching him play soccer, I remember watching him during his 1st year of soccer and him scoring goals. WOW! How exciting. He had always loved coming over and spending the night with uncle Brad from the time of being a young boy through his teenage years. We always had grill outs, bon fires, cornhole, and always enjoyed watching sporting events. The older Cameron got our bond only grew stronger even though he had such close relationships with everyone he came in contact with.

Brad Tucker

Thinking of you everyday Cameron.

Morgan Fite

Linda & I were honored to be a part of yesterday evening’s candlelight ceremony. We’d both like to offer our skills in promoting “Cameron’s Cause.”

Steve Tutt & Linda Richey

Just wishing good thoughts today on Cameron’s birthday. We miss him every day. Praying, too, for Logan every day. Love to you all,

Bev Spargur

You don’t know me, but I’m so sorry for your loss. My son goes to Scott High School now and is a senior. I also lost my brother, Aaron Hoffman in 1998, who went to Scott High School, who had an autoimmune disease. It has been so rough on all of us. My parents will never be the same, but we deal with it one day at a time. Just stick together, when one is having a bad day. I am writing to you because I saw on the news about two teachers saving a little girl because they had that device, AED. I agree that there should be probably at least two in every school. Every second counts when someone goes into cardiac arrest. I don’t know how much these things cost, but I am willing to help raise money, help you all in fundraisers, whatever it takes to get these in our schools. Let me know what I can do to help you all.

Kris Willett

Hello Batsons! I did not know your son as well as most but, I did see him around school a lot. He WAS always smiling & he was always such a nice humorous person. It’s great to see what God has been doing in your lives since the accident. I know you’ve suffered a terrible loss but, with God by your side you can make it through. It’s really great that you’re trying to help other people who have the same condition or that develop that same condition that Cam had. Just keep up the good work. I will continue to have your family in my prayers as well as Morgan & Alyx. I don’t know what it is like to lose a child but, you all are doing the best at working through it then anyone that I have ever seen & you all are an inspiration to me. Love you all. God bless you & your family.

Kayla Tyree

Cameron, I was so excited when Laura found out she was pregnant. Cam was the first baby I ever babysat. I was so excited Laura, David, and the rest of the family were going to church for a Christmas program. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I sat in the living room at my Aunt Pat’s rocking him in front of the Christmas tree singing lullabies and Christmas songs. then there was his first set of stitches, he was older and I was watching Logan and him he was running around the dining room table and ran into it cutting his head. He screamed the entire way to the office where Laura worked “I don’t want stiches!” He had no clue what they were. I felt so bad. Cameron was such an awesome kid so full of life, smiles, and such a huge heart. Him and Logan would spend the night from time to time. As they grew older they would learn to have fun teasing me. I have a video where I fall from a pool boat in Florida the wave took me down and Cameron had this laugh and he was laughing so hard at me. (all in good fun). He was the first baby I ever was able to see grow into a young adult. It amazed me to see the transitions. I pray that I am able to raise my children to act and be people like Cameron. He will truly always be missed.

Tricia Erin Jaros

I was just doing some research on the Batson name and found your site. I want to express my families condolences for the loss of your son. His story is amazing we will always keep him and your family in our prayers.

Steve Batson

I’m the girl that served you at Olive Garden!! It’s so nice to see this page, I can’t wait to donate to you and your doing an amazing thing. It’s a horrible horrible thing that has happened but an amazing thing has come out of it your an amazing woman and helping all these other kids and wonderful people. By God’s grace He’s spreading His love by what you’re doing for your son!! This is awesome and you have a wonderful day!!!

Sarah March

The best thing now is remembering the great times I had with Cameron so here are a couple of my favorite stories. March 1998- Everyone was at my house for the regional championship game of Duke v. UK, and although everyone else was packed around the tv cheering, Cameron and I put up a fake basketball hoop on the door behind the living room and acted it out. I was Jeff Shepard and he was Cameron Mills and we acted out the entire game! Then when Kentucky won the game and everyone cheered Cameron and I celebrated because we felt just as much a part of the winning team as the real players. Every time I watch a Kentucky game now I remember all of our great games. When I was about 12 and Cameron was 10 we found two wooden posts in the basement of their house and painted them green and blue, put duct tape around the bottom and called them lightsabers. We had a great time playing star wars for the next couple hours until David came home and was furious with us for ruining the wooden posts he needed to build their bunk beds. I still have mine That same summer we spent the night at each others house and Pat’s house for over 2 months straight without separating! We were literally inseparable and had a great time just playing Legos and running around outside. Finally this past summer we started hanging out again for the first time in years. We played disc golf, FIFA, and soccer a couple times a week all summer. Logan, Cameron, and I were playing paintball in the woods behind the house, and no matter where Logan and I ran Cameron kept hitting us. After about an hour of getting pegged constantly by paintballs Logan and I gave up and yelled for Cameron to come out. He just started laughing and then we looked up. He was about 40 feet up in a tree. It didn’t matter where we hid.

I thank God every day that we reconnected before he passed. I regret that we didn’t get to spend more time together. I miss you Cam, I love you Batsons and Tuckers.

Rob Cetrulo

My most memorable moment of Cam, well, I have many memorable moments so this is just one of them… Me and Cam worked together at Receptions, he actually got me my job there, and we would carpool to work every night. And we even found a way to have fun with each other while washing dishes at work! But the real fun part was what happened after work at about 1 or 2 AM. We would take a couple Sprites from the cooler to drink them on the way home. That’s when the games started. While on the interstate, we would see if we could hit the interstate signs hanging above the freeway with our full cans of sprite lol. Lest just say I don’t think we ever hit one. Those things are too high ha. But once we hit Taylor Mill, we would ride down Old TM road and try to hook shot our empty cans and hit the road signs. whoever hit the least signs had to drive to work the next night haha. Then sometimes while in TM, we would stop by Scott and just sit and talk about how much fun we had in high school and about how great the rest of our lives were going to be. That was our spot where we just sat in our cars and just talked at about 2 am lol. Its still hard to think about you… we were just starting to become best friends and started hanging out all the time. But I Miss you Cam.. I know your cheering in your grave for UK and laughing at me cause Florida lost lol. “You may be gone… but your NEVER over.”

Joe Adkins

Pat Tucker babysat me everyday when I was little when my mom would go to work. Cameron and I were the same age so Pat thought we would enjoy playing together, she was right. Even at a young age, Cameron was one of the friendliest and most kind hearted person. We immediately became best friends as soon as we spent one day together. Every morning I would wake up anxious and excited to go to Pat’s house just so I could see Cameron. He could make me giggle and smile for hours upon hours. My mom told me one day when she picked me up that I looked at her in the car and said, “Mom, I really really love Cameron. We never fight and he’s my best friend.” I had many childhood friends but none of them made imprint on my heart like Cameron did. He showed me what kind of person we should all be. Even though we grew apart growing up because of going to different schools, I still will never ever forget the first boy who showed me that all boys don’t have cooties! I hope you know how big of an impact your son had on my life even though it was so long ago. I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have known him and will continue to think about him everyday. He left a legacy down here on earth and so many are better people because of him. God Bless your family and just know that he is still here and always will be.

Rachel Jones

Cameron was my favorite cousin in the world. He was a very special kid who taught me a lot of things. I had so much fun spending time with him especially on vacations to Gatlinburg. Our last family vacation to Gatlinburg was so much fun staying at a huge log cabin in the woods. I had a lot of fun hanging out in the hot tub with my buddy Cameron, Logan and uncle David. That was the best vacation ever. I also remember all the nights i would get to spend the night at my Aunt Laura’s and get to hang out with my Cameron. I have a lot of great memories with Cameron that i will never forget. I love and miss Cameron so much. I wish he was still here and would come set up camp at my house and build bomb fires like he used to do. I LOVE YOU

Peyton Tucker

Hello Batson’s! What a beautiful tribute and legacy for your son. I loved looking at Cameron’s pictures. Thinking of you guys!

Jill (Ayres) Shepherd

I’m not exactly sure if this is what this is for. But I just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck. I think that what you are doing is amazing. And I’m also terribly sorry that this whole situation has happened to you. I am a heart patient myself, though of something different. I know how scary and terrible it can be to deal with that and go through. But I believe that God is always with us and that he is looking down on you right now with great love. I do hope that everything works out for you and you continue with what you are doing because I believe that you truly are doing God’s work to make more people aware. God bless you, and thank you.

Taylor Hoffman