Cameron’s Cause Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, partnered with NKEMS, to educate, train, and place AEDs in locations where they can save the lives of the young. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

We offer two ways to donate:

  • OPTION 1: Electronic Donation via PayPal
    • Choose your donation amount via the form below.
    • A Cameron’s Cause representative will be in touch re: PayPal payment.
    • Submit your payment to us via PayPal.
  • OPTION 2: Donation via Check
    • Submit the donation form.
    • Complete all required information.
    • Choose your amount.
    • Submit the form.
    • Submit payment, via check, to our mailing address.


To share and educate our donors on the cost of one AED device, we’ve created our four-tier suggested donation amounts. This is in no way required, we appreciate all donations, large and small, because together we can all help save lives with AEDs. Questions about your donation? Contact us.

Half a Heart

This donation amount will purchase 1/2 an AED device.

A Whole Heart

This donation amount will purchase one (1) AED device.

A Double Heart

This donation amount will purchase two (2) AED devices.

A Triple Heart

This donation amount will purchase three (3) AED devices.

Donation Form

Electronic payments are collected via Paypal. Once you complete the form below, a Cameron's Cause representative will contact you regarding payment options. If you'd prefer to submit a check, please complete the form below, print and mail with your check to: 1403 Alexandria Pike, Fort Thomas, KY 41075.
Donation Amount(Required)

1403 Alexandria Pike
Fort Thomas, KY 41075