Walton Verona Teen Saved by AED

An AED provided by Cameron’s Cause may have saved the life of a Walton Verona teen. To hear more, visit this link to the Channel 5 WLWT news story.

The mother of the boy who experienced the cardiac event was kind enough to send us a message:

I don’t know if you remember me, but I emailed you last fall looking for information about SCA arrest and your organization for my Nursing Master’s Degree project.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to connect.

I noticed you were contacted by a reporter and that you commented on a story about a (Northern Kentucky) Walton Verona teen that was saved by an AED.  An AED that was provided by your organization.  Well, the teen that  was saved was my son.

Despite coming close to losing my child, I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through the day you lost Cameron and what I’m sure you still go through.  I wanted to let you know that I can’t thank you enough for taking that pain and channeling that into something good.  I am in awe of anyone that can work through that pain and dedicate their life to make sure no other parent has to go through what you did.

You are an amazing person and I will never forget what you (and your son’s legacy) did for my family!  I hope I can take this event as well and advocate for increased awareness, better recognition and quicker response to SCA.

Thank you!

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