Every 2 1/2 Days a child dies of sudden cardiac arrest. Let's help save those lives.

What we do to help

Facilitate Heart Screening

Early detection is the most important tool in preventing sudden cardiac arrest in youths. Many heart conditions can be detected with simple tests, a review of personal and family heart history and the proper assessment and follow-up of warning signs and symptoms.

Provide Defibrillators

Responding quickly to cardiac arrest with a defibrillator can make the different between life and death. When defibrillation is administered within the first few minutes of a SCA victim’s collapse, the chances of survival increase tremendously.

Educate Parents & Coaches

Frequently, the warning signs and symptoms of a heart condition in youth go undetected. Those who work and live with youth must be aware of these signs and symptoms. Educating the community about what to look for plays an impotant role in detecting heart conditions.

Why We’re Here

tinmanCameron’s Cause was founded in memory of Cameron Batson who died much to young due to an undetected heart condition. Our goals are to build awareness around protecting young hearts, to provide AEDs to area school systems, sports venues and event facilities, to assist area medical professionals with funding research and to provide easy and painless EKG and echocardiogram screenings for children and young adults.

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